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Getting to know Santa Monica

Santa Monica Area Info

Beautiful and trendy Santa Monica has all the best that California has to offer. With high employment rates and predicted steady growth, Santa Monica continues to attract people to live in this beautiful, beachside community. With easy access to the I-10 freeway from just about anywhere in Santa Monica, as well as an efficient public transportation system, this community is an excellent choice for commuters. Just 16 miles from Los Angeles, Santa Monica is its own urban center with fine dining, trendy shopping, a diverse population and of course, the spectacular beaches. The Santa Monica pier is a hub of activity in the city with its iconic, and now solar-powered, Ferris wheel known worldwide.

Santa Monica is home to both the entertainment industry and high-tech firms. Publishing, film and record companies are headquartered here as well as a growing number of corporations committed to environmental sustainability.

Living in Santa Monica

There is always something to do in Santa Monica.With its lovely weather, beaches and recreation areas, dining and shopping this is an excellent community to live, work and play. With the number of creative companies who are putting down roots in Santa Monica, it is no surprise that there is a an eclectic urban vibe with much to offer everyone from surfers to students to professionals.

One of the greater challenges to living in Santa Monica is deciding where to go to dine with its wide range of cuisine. There are many options from the not too expensive to five star dining. From Peet’s Coffee on Montana for a morning wakeup,breakfast at the Blue Plate, or dinner at The Lobster where they serve up the sunset with the seafood, there are many exciting locations. For nightlife, The Santa Monica Pier is a destination for dining and entertainment. The Third Street Promenade is well known for its street performers as well as its restaurant and club scene. The Promenade is one of the more popular shopping destinations in the area with a wide variety of stores that include luxury retailers and local boutiques.

The beaches of Santa Monica attract visitors and locals alike for the beautiful sand and surf. Cruise the original Muscle Beach, walk the boardwalk or enjoy a game of chess at the International Chess Park. Olympic Beach Volleyball players have trained here and the beaches are a popular place both day and night. There is a 26-mile bicycle path that winds its way along the beaches providing ocean views, dolphins and even celebrity spotting.

The school system in Santa Monica is considered one of the top districts in the United States. The schools are well supported by the community and have strong neighborhood involvement. Both Malibu and Santa Monica High School ranked in the top 150 in the nation by US News and World Report. There are sixteen public schools and sixteen private schools in Santa Monica that have an excellent reputation for providing high quality education.

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