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A home on the beach in Santa Monica is truly the California dream. With all that Santa Monica has to offer, why would anyone want to leave to go into Los Angeles? Even though Santa Monica is surrounded by LA on three sides, this community has its own special charm and natural beauty. With the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, stunning beaches and the iconic Santa Monica Pier, it is easy to imagine choosing this as the perfect location for a beach front home.

Santa Monica is well known for its luxurious, beachfront properties. While it is easy to define coastal living as simply being near sea, surf and sand, Santa Monica offers much more. It is possible to spend an entire day just enjoying its more than 70 art galleries, or dine at a different five-star, locally owned restaurant each night of the week. As the epicenter of the world’s business and entertainment industry, many people are drawn to Santa Monica for the employment, but choose to stay because of the beautiful Southern California weather and a chance to have the beach right in their backyard. Living in Santa Monica is a way to have a year round vacation with gorgeous views and the respite from city life.

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Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica has been a prestigious address for beach homes since the early 1900s. Once nicknamed “Rolls Royce Row” for its famous residents, J. Paul Getty, Douglas Fairbanks and William Randolph Hearst all built seaside estates here. Today, architectural masterpieces that exemplify Mediterranean, California Seaside Modern design and others are all part of the beachscape. Not only do homes on Palisades Road open to the Pacific Ocean, but they are also within walking distance of Santa Monica’s fine shops and restaurants. Built with luxury amenities, gyms and pools, these masterpieces range in price from $2 to $23 million.

Palisades Beach Road and Ocean Ave in Santa Monica are also home to more than a dozen luxury condominium complexes. Popular for their beach access and first class services, the condos in this area take advantage of the natural beauty of the surroundings to create the perfect beachfront lifestyle for their residents. Many of the properties offer hotel-like services as well as swimming pools and fitness centers. Depending on the size of the unit and nearness to the beach, prices for a condo range from as low as $500 for a smaller unit to $4 million for a penthouse.

The Ocean Park community of Santa Monica is another excellent location for beach homes. It is characterized by a mix of single-family homes and condos that have been planned on narrow lots in order to maximize access to the beach. There are a variety of home styles that have been built here during the years. A bungalow in Ocean Park can range from $900 to $3.5 million and condos are typically $400 for a single bedroom to $2 million on the sand.

It is no secret that a home on the beach makes a beautiful place to live. There are even health benefits to making this lifestyle choice, as even science is showing that people who live at the beach are happier and healthier. Call the real estate team at Hartman Cole for more information on the stunning beach properties that are listed in Santa Monica. Their team looks forward to hearing from you soon and welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and business. Connect today!  

Santa Monica Beach Homes for Sale