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West Los Angeles is a distinct community in greater L.A. It has a laid-back vibe with a distinctly independent spirit. West Los Angeles is a positive combination of great schools, a premiere art museum, interesting shopping, nice restaurant scene and is pedestrian-friendly. There are some excellent condominium properties in West Los Angeles and this would be a smart choice in which to consider making an investment.

In the past decade a stagnant economy has had an effect on the condo market in Los Angeles. With few new buildings under construction there has been a shortage of units available for sale, driving up prices. There has been a recent boom in the tech industry, resulting in some of the world’s largest high tech companies opening their headquarters in L.A., bringing with them their employees – who are looking for places to live. Another phenomenon was the number of condo owners who put their property on the rental market in order to recuperate some of their investment. Now that prices and demands are rising again, more of these condos are being listed for sale. It is a great time to look at purchasing a condo. Not only is the market more favorable than it has been in years, there is positive personal investment potential.

There has been an emphasis on vertical living in order to increase the number of homes and meet demand. Older properties in West Los Angeles have been razed to make way for upscale and updated modern condominiums. It is not strange to see a nearly centuries old cottage next door to a large, modern structure. Much of the recent construction projects feature eco-chic, cutting edge architecture. Condos offer a great way to enjoy urban life combined with modern luxury. There has been an upswing in community-oriented buildings that offer social events making. The options for housing in West Los Angeles just continue to get more creative.

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The condominium buildings in West Los Angeles are either multi-level configurations or townhomes. There have also been some recently built detached homes that are offered as condominiums on the market. The condominiums in West Los Angeles have great featuresthat will both surprise and delight the homebuyer. Look for gourmet kitchens and high-end appliances, rooftop decks, garages and parking, and environmentally friendly landscaping. Prices for condos vary significantly. A one bedroom can be found in the mid $300,000s and a four bedroom in a multi-unit building could be priced up to $1.3 million. Townhomes and detached homes are generally between $900,000 to $1.6 million.

In West Los Angeles, condominium buildings are predominantly located towards the northwest of the district towards Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards. Prices climb higher the closer the condominiums are to Stoner Recreation Center and Sawtelle. No wonder – these are two of the focal points of life in West Los Angeles. Sawtelle is legendary in the city for its Japanese restaurants and karaoke bars and Stoner Park is the heart of outdoor activity.

It has never been a better time than now to purchase a condominium in West Los Angeles. The Realtors® at Hartman Cole are ready to assist you in the home buying process. Connect with them today to learn more.

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