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Home Rentals in West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles is a great address for young professionals and families alike due to its fantastic central location in the Westside. It becomes easy to reach other parts of the city for both work and play when living here. Lax airport and the Venice Boardwalk are under a half an hour and the Santa Monica Pier is only forty minutes away making living in West Los Angeles a superb choice.

West Los Angeles has been described as a “mommies with strollers” kind of community, but that is only part of what can be found here. This down to earth neighborhood has its own personality. There are Indie-movie theaters, classic retro greasy spoons, and two independent bookstores which have become a rare find. West Los Angeles is also where to find “Little Osaka”. This section of Sawtelle Boulevard is one of the best places to find Japanese cuisine and karaoke bars in L.A. West Los Angeles also celebrates the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival every spring in another nod to its Asian heritage. This is a fun community to live in for both the short and even long term.

The development trend in West Los Angeles is focused on finding ways to increase housing density to provide additional rental units. Older buildings are being demolished to make way for modern apartment complexes with a wide range of services. Two of Los Angeles’ tallest residential towers are at the northern edge of West Los Angeles. With the economy and the housing market on the upswing, expect to see more construction of new projects.

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West Los Angeles is made up of single-family cottage homes and multi-level buildings. The rentals that are on the market are a mix of apartments and bungalows. There is a selection of multi-family complexes that provide the best in hassle free living. It is possible to find simple apartment buildings with the standard conveniences. On the other hand, there are buildings that provide residences with resort-style amenities. Higher end developments have gated access, fitness centers, swimming pools and high speed internet. Typically an efficiency apartment in West Los Angeles will cost between $1,700 and $1,800 per month. A single bedroom apartment in a luxury building can cost anywhere from $1,900 to $2,200 per month depending on the square-footage and the services.

Another attractive possibility for renters is to look at the classic bungalows that are part of the West Los Angeles cityscape. These were typically built during the 1920s to 1940s and mix antique charm with modern renovations. A simple, one bedroom cottage can be found for a price between $1,500 and $1,700 per month. A larger four bedroom, Spanish style home with a large yard would cost in the $5,000 to $6,000 per month range.

Condominiums that are on the market as rental units are often similar in character to apartments. Many of the buildings offer high-end conveniences and ease of living. Perhaps the biggest distinction between the condos that are on the rental market and the typical apartment are the luxury upgrades and personal touches that owners have included on their properties. A luxury condo rental can range in cost between $3,400 and $6,000 per month.

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West Los Angeles Home Rentals