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Home Rentals in Westchester

Westchester, like many other neighborhoods in greater Los Angeles, has a busy rental market. Because of this location’s benefits for commuters like access to major roadways, more family-style homes, and good community services, Westchester is often considered as a great place to live by people moving to Los Angeles for their jobs. The other element of the rental market here is the interest by students from Loyola Marymount University and Otis College of Art and Design who are looking to move into off-campus housing.

There are many reasons to choose Westchester to live in that go beyond the ease of the commute, the shopping and the school system. It is also an interesting place to live. Westchester has a couple of fascinating examples of Googie-style architecture conceived by Eldon Davis. This futuristic, science fiction-inspired design can be found in many public structures constructed in the 1940s through the 1960s. In Westchester, Pann’s Restaurant, which is still operating today, is a beautifully preserved example of architectural history. At LAX, the Theme Building has been designated as a cultural and historical monument. Both beautiful and humorous the Theme Building is described as a flying saucer from an old film.

The central business district known as Westchester Town Center is a bustling collection of shops and services. It is a unique area having been revisioned by a group of local business owner’s who wanted to revitalize the economy. Today Westchester Town Center has a mix of restaurants, stores, and medical offices. They have created a healthy local business economy that definitely meets the needs of residents. The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center is a large luxury, outdoor complex of dining and entertainment.

Finding Home Rentals in Westchester CA

The combination of an influx of high tech professionals and university students has created a competitive rental market in a region already known for its higher than average prices. Short-term rentals have become a significant moneymaker and effective way to maximize return on investment for landlords in recent years. The result is this practice has shrunk the market somewhat for long-term leases. Overall prices in the rental market continue to increase and the need for semi-permanent housing remains.

With the amount of single-family, detached homes in Westchester many of these come on the market as rentals. It is also common to find units for rent in single-family homes that were created in order to maximize the homeowner’s investment potential.
Following a regional trend in the rental market, many of the rental situations being offered in Westchester including home sharing. A single bedroom or bedroom with a den is often up for lease in a shared home or condominium. There are some multi-family apartment buildings and townhomes but Westchester has a lower inventory of these than in other sections of Los Angeles. Near LMU a three-bedroom home typically rents for $3,000 to $4,000 per month. In the upscale neighborhood of Kentwood rents will be substantially higher running from $3,500 to $8,000. The higher end homes offer amenities like garden and pool service and multi-car garages.

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Westchester Home Rentals